Cats Inventory

The Lupins® Lupins retailTM software is a ready to use software for self service forma t of retail like supermarket, hyper mart, Provision stores and department stores. it is accredited by successful owners and managers of profitable supermarkets, convenience store ,fruits & vegetable store, music store and wine stores
Lupins® Lupins retailTM increases staff efficiency as it requires less human efforts and stream –lines lines the inventory and other process so that you can focus on growth and expansion .it enables you to focus on new opportunities and reduces your involvement in complex day-to-day tasks
Lupins® Lupins retailTM is fast in implementation and easy to learn and it has a simple user interface most of our customers have increased their profit and they are satisfied with our software .

The Lupins® Lupins retailTM super market system has following features :
Integrated and fast point of sale
Home delivery system
Hot key for fast moving items
Bread weighing scale integration
Sell items by weight or by count
Repackaging for sugar, rice, pulses
Facility to create purchase orders for suppliers
Create your own barcode
Scheme & cross-Promotion
Stock aging ,fast movinig ,slow moving
Stock taking on regular basis
strict control on credit sale
Accurate markup and margins calculations
Customer reward points generations
Complete control on supplier payments
Stock out and no sale reports
SMS integration to acknowledge customer’s purchase
Generate data cube and share it access